In the face of the setting sun,
not too far from the fiery ocean,
I hear a laugh I know so well
was it really there? No one could tell.

Turning a little,
I see a boy
chasing a dog,
face etched with joy.

To ease my mind
I walk some more
Smelling the scent of love
that was there no more.

Then do I remember, Continue reading “Phantoms”


It’s Not About ‘Finding’ Your Dreams but ‘Realizing’ It From Deep Within

If you have read any sort of book about responding to your ‘destiny, calling, vocation’ or whatever term is used, it’s a good bet that you got inspired. And that’s a good thing.

But if you’re like me when I read Jeff Goin’s The Art of Work (great author by the way) then it might not be a question of when will I start but Continue reading “It’s Not About ‘Finding’ Your Dreams but ‘Realizing’ It From Deep Within”