Mind: Man’s Greatest Enemy?

I used to think that man’s greatest enemy is time.

With so many dreams and bullets on my bucket list, I often have doubts whether I could even finish half of that list. And most of them are really time-sensitive because I don’t think anyone can be the young female protagonist in a play if she’s already forty years old.

Even so, I have come to realize that time isn’t the real enemy after all. Time isn’t the one who judges me. Time isn’t the one who tells me whether my writing is perfect or just absolutely horrible. Time isn’t the one who dreams my dreams.

No, it’s not time. It’s my mind.

Mind is my greatest enemy, and to every people out there who has dreams, it is their enemy too. Why is that so? In my short years of living, I have learned four reasons as to why that is so.


  1. The Mind is the Worst Critic

It can criticize us in two very different, but both destructive ways possible.

The mind can be the world’s harshest critic that tells us that every stroke, every word or every note we want to paint, write or sing is wrong, is out of place, and is out of tune.

Even as I write this now, I feel so sick because my mind keeps telling me that all these words and thoughts are horrible, but I have to stomach it or else I will never write anything.

And still somehow, it can also be the world’s most biased judge because the moment we think highly of ourselves, we think that whatever we do is already good enough. Or it could even be at the start which is a huge mistake for just because we think we’re writing or singing or painting already means that we are deserving of the world’s coveted attention.

Thus, the mind deteriorates us by fighting against our dreams or at the moment other people deflate us with real-talks because we thought we were already part of the best.


  1. The Mind Would Rather Want Us to Do Easier Things

In our dreaming part of the mind, we look at such countless, sky-limited possibilities, but seeing the other part, we look at such countless, sky-limited seemingly hard difficulties.

Once we know how it can be hard to write what our visions tell us, the mind tries to think of easier, less productive tasks only related to what we are supposed to do so that we can escape the burden.

The irony? That burden was supposed to be our ticket to victory and accomplishment. Instead, we leave it in the locker and choose to take the lighter one first, thinking that that would help us the next time. But most of the time, next time shows up just the same as yesterday.


  1. The Mind is the World’s Most Self-Conscious Thing

Yes, it is true, our minds are our greatest assets. They’re the reason we can walk, eat and talk. They’re the ones responsible for the countless inventions, innovations and creative creations that make our world the way it is today, and currently, for the future. They make us, us.

But before it introduced to us things like batteries, Harry Potter and Mona Lisa, the minds of our great men and women were the world’s most self-conscious ones too.

Even today, we still doubt if what we have done or what we can do is really good enough to be announced to the world. Sure, we think that we have a really brilliant, out of this world plot, but once we have put some or all of the words to the paper, we will start thinking if anyone will ever pay attention to it.

Yes, it’s our greatest asset, but also the reason why we’re so self-conscious.


  1. The Mind is a Dreamer

The mind dreams up so many things, so many wishes, and so many ideas. But still, it’s still the mind who stops us from fulfilling these dreams because we grow afraid of ever doing any of these things.

What if I get rejected at an audition? What if my blog post doesn’t generate the comments I would like to have? What if my painting doesn’t stir anything in people?

There are so many things that stop us, but if we don’t rise to meet them, how will we ever get anywhere? If we don’t start writing, how will people know we’re even writers? If we don’t start singing, how will people know we have such a wonderful and hidden special voice? If we don’t start painting, how will people see that without the proof of paintings?

Countless people have been the evidences to the claim that the mind is a fickle to change for countless people have stuck to their comfort zones.

Always dreaming, never doing. I’m guilty of this sometimes.

It’s alright to be afraid because the truth is, rejections can be harsh. Silence in our posts can be deafening and having no impact even though we’ve put our souls to the canvas can be so degrading.

What is not alright though, is to stop at being afraid.

It may be lucky the first time and hard the next, don’t stop.

It may be hard the first time but slowly improving the next then it stops, still, don’t stop.

The mind is a hard enemy to fight, that is true, but once we get a hold of it, the mind can be our best ally too. All it takes is a little courage and a little more extra will than all our doubts combined.

Now, let me ask you. Do you agree that the mind is the greatest enemy of man? What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. I would really love to learn your take on this.


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