Life Lessons I Gained From Winning For the First Time

I never really knew exactly what drove me to be courageous and sing. And until now, I still don’t.

When I auditioned for the Malateans’ Got Talent, I never dared to hope to make it to the finals because I was just so happy that I even got to sing in front of teachers and a few students. To think that me: a totally shy, fearful, passive girl was suddenly daring to compete. I didn’t think I’d be in the finals.

But then the unexpected came and I was told to continue the journey.

Once I was on that stage, facing the people I see every day, on a Friday that started just like any other, I never would have believed you before if you told me I would be singing in front of said people.

First of all, there’s the given that I’m shy, so big crowds where the attention is on me, um, gulp? Second, for some odd reason, I find it harder to show yourself more to the people you already know than to those I’ve never seen before.

Ironic? Unfortunately.

But somehow, I was able to do it. After five other acts wherein three others sang, one danced and my classmate did magic, it was my turn. So yes, I’m the sixth and the truth is, I didn’t like six so I felt a little bit nervous that this might be a sign I should not continue, but of course, there’s no out.

Up on that stage that so many people had stepped on, where so many others getting medals and so many others singing and performing just like me, I felt like my voice was breaking so badly that it probably sounded like vibrato that’s out of place.

But the fact still remains: I did it! I finished my piece and did so with the all the emotions I’ve always kept inside of me.

I guess part of it is that I am the song: Try It On My Own by Whitney Houston. It sings of a brave soul finally learning to try things out of someone else’s eyes and have her own way.

For more than one way, it became my song. And for the few precious moments I got people to listen to me, that huge raised box also became my stage.

After those special minutes under the bright lights and everyone’s eyes on me, like in the auditions, I was just happy and content that I was able to do my best. I didn’t care anymore if I didn’t get any prize.

One by one, others also got their chance on the limelight. One by one, I didn’t grow nervous that I would be beaten by the band, or the beatboxers, the dancers or the other singers. I was just so happy for me and for all of them because through this contest, we were able to show our passion to others. I’m very thankful to my classmate who is our president in the Student Coordinating Board for it was through their doing the contest was even made possible.

After the performances, it was finally time for the announcement of winners. Departing from my classmates and friends at the farthest back part of our venue: the bleachers, I made my way to another back part: the backstage.

I was only sitting there, smiling as I saw the others great each other congratulations (I didn’t anymore since I just did it about thirty seconds ago). And then for the 2nd runner up, they called a name I knew so well. A name that I grew up with.

I knew it was me but I couldn’t move because I couldn’t believe it. It was only when the others were urging me to go up the stage did I do so.

Somehow, even though I didn’t get the biggest trophy out there, I know now that you don’t always have to be at the top to learn how to be happy and smile. Even though mine was not the biggest prize, still, my classmates cheered for me.

That alone tugged at my heart because I’ve always been so afraid that not getting the title of Champion was such a disappointment. Even my mom was much more ecstatic than me because she’s just so proud that her daughter, her shy daughter won, even if it’s just 2nd runner up.

It was then that I learned that winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve done before and most of all, you don’t have to have a shiny trophy just so you can be thankful.

That is why I would very much like to thank, first of all, you! Thank you for taking the time to read this memory of mine that I’ll always cherish. To my friends, classmates, family and to God who makes the impossible possible.

The contest may have ended but the journey never will.


14 thoughts on “Life Lessons I Gained From Winning For the First Time

  1. I liked your last sentence. I am old man now and all the trophies and certificates are long gone from moving and this or that. But these things lost their importance for me. The award is that I participated, won or lost, learned and become more polished and confident for the next challenge. Keep going !

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