I Can’t Believe I Did It!

Until now, I can’t believe that I have finally gathered the courage to compete in a talent show in our school! Which meant that I sang.

If you told me that I would sing SOLO in front of four of my high school teachers, I would never believe you because the mere idea of doing a solo, in front of my some of my school mates and teachers has never come to me before.

But then, when they announced about a competition, one aptly named Malateans Got Talent (taking after our school and a famous competition, of course) I was feeling quite torn because part of me wanted to join but the other part was afraid of the sadness that failure would certainly bring. For two days, I was in total doubt until Thursday came along and I just suddenly felt like I wanted to try out.

I didn’t realize until my audition last Friday was over that I just wanted to perform and do my best in front of an audience. I didn’t realize until that moment that the fact I was able to sing in front of people was payment enough for me for the time that it cost me (dude we were dismissed early at 2:40 but I got to go home at around 5 pm).

But that didn’t matter anymore to me when I realized that I have finally done the one thing I never thought I could do.

I didn’t even want to hope that I would make it to the finals because I was really fine enough with getting to perform, but then the unexpected happened and the announcement of the finals came with my name right the first thing I saw.

The irony was that I actually learned it so late and was from some of my classmates who messaged me with congratulations and I didn’t know what it was even about, I even thought one might have learned of my joining and was just fooling me.

It felt that impossible to me that I didn’t want to believe it. But somehow, through the evidences of my Messenger and a Facebook post, it was real, and it was only me who just can’t believe it.

The Finals is already this coming Friday and I am not so sure about how I feel because I’m being pulled out in so many different directions that nervousness isn’t even kicking in yet. All I’m hoping for now is that I perform my best because that’s the only thing I ever want to strive for.


32 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe I Did It!

        1. I would say that I am blessed enough. I am just really happy to be able to express myself with singing, and thank you so much! It’s never too late for anything after all (except my birthday greeting to you, oops) ❤❤❤

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            1. Oh but I believe you could. Hope you don’t mistake me for a girl who thinks she’s too good to give advice, but I have learned that whenever one sings from the heart, it will always be beautiful, no matter how much people say that person cannot sing. ❤

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                1. I believe every single one of us is spectacularly gifted at one thing or another. And I do believe as well that any one can be a popular singer, even those who think that they’re no good or they just don’t have the natural talent for it. Believe me, practice is all the secret that there really is. ❤

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                  1. I respect your opinion but to me, it only applies to some things. I mean, some talents now can be learned or acquired but there are just some that are innate. Practice may help but it would probably take a lot of time to get to at least halfway to being good. 🙂

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                    1. I respect your opinion as well, and I can see your point. In that case, I can only say that maybe talents are given with a reason, and that is why we all have different talents because we all have different purposes in life. ❤

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