I Can’t Believe I Did It!

Until now, I can’t believe that I have finally gathered the courage to compete in a talent show in our school! Which meant that I sang.

If you told me that I would sing SOLO in front of four of my high school teachers, I would never believe you because the mere idea of doing a solo, in front of my some of my school mates and teachers has never come to me before.

But then, when they announced about a competition, one aptly named Malateans Got Talent (taking after our school and a famous competition, of course) I was feeling quite torn because part of me wanted to join but the other part was afraid of the sadness that failure would certainly bring. For two days, I was in total doubt until Thursday came along and I just suddenly felt like I wanted to try out.

I didn’t realize until my audition last Friday was over that I just wanted to perform and do my best in front of an audience. I didn’t realize until that moment that the fact I was able to sing in front of people was payment enough for me for the time that it cost me (dude we were dismissed early at 2:40 but I got to go home at around 5 pm).

But that didn’t matter anymore to me when I realized that I have finally done the one thing I never thought I could do.

I didn’t even want to hope that I would make it to the finals because I was really fine enough with getting to perform, but then the unexpected happened and the announcement of the finals came with my name right the first thing I saw.

The irony was that I actually learned it so late and was from some of my classmates who messaged me with congratulations and I didn’t know what it was even about, I even thought one might have learned of my joining and was just fooling me.

It felt that impossible to me that I didn’t want to believe it. But somehow, through the evidences of my Messenger and a Facebook post, it was real, and it was only me who just can’t believe it.

The Finals is already this coming Friday and I am not so sure about how I feel because I’m being pulled out in so many different directions that nervousness isn’t even kicking in yet. All I’m hoping for now is that I perform my best because that’s the only thing I ever want to strive for.


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