Dear Secrets

What is it that is neither a lie
nor a truth that will never die?
What is it that is hardly spoken
but will always be present?

Dear secrets, I wonder why
you were born and now will never die.
For you in live in everyone,
and in every word that is not quite done.

Secrets, you are not totally wrong
and there are even times when you seem like a song
what makes you so bad then,
to the minds of so many men?

Sweet secrets, you cannot be fully right either
for you are the thoughts unsaid on paper
is it really you who is not right,
or the person covering you from the light?

Dear secrets, make me understand
the reason why you thrive on our land.
Dear secrets, who smile and swing maces,
how come you’ve been born with so many faces?

Dear secrets, let me know why
on your name, others would willingly die.
And dear secrets, tell me how
I can live in a world you conquer now.


7 thoughts on “Dear Secrets

  1. There lies within your words a humbling depth. There are no secrets that Time does not reveal, I have heard it said. Honest men have honest dreams. Had I the capacity for rhyme as you, my words would be in a much better shape. This was delightful to read, Meiji.

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    1. Oh wow, those are such deep words. One thing I do not agree on is that you’re bringing your words down. You’re words are happy and in the best shape that they can be because of you. Your words are perfect the way they are already, and they are grateful for having you to make them even more beautiful when you combine them with other words.
      And thank you very much, I am more than glad that you enjoyed Dear Secrets as much as I did writing it.


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