Field Trip: Part II

Sorry for the long wait for this part two but I actually forgot about this until I was deleting out some stuff, saw it and suddenly I was like: uh oh.

Anyway, for those who would like to see the first part, here’s the link: Field Trip Part I.

I have mixed feelings about mud now.

I’ve always thought that it would be the grossest thing I will ever have to endure, but once we dipped into it that reached up to that center of the knees and the feet, I didn’t know what to say about grossness now.

Since the sun was shining happily a little too high in the sky, the mud too, was so hot, but soon enough, it becomes tolerable and we played the game of finding a coconut hidden somewhere in our playing field.

Divided into two teams, our class was furthermore categorized with the members having specific numbers so that whatever number our tour guide shouts out are the ones who have to find the fruit of life (hint, its first two syllables is ‘coco,’ *wink*) and since I am number two, I was called more often than others.

After five rounds with three points for my group, the game ends and we win with the only prize of our glory: mud. After a little rinsing of mud from our legs, we proceeded right on with the second activity.

For a lot it might sound extremely gross, even more than the mud, but it was an activity that I had so much fun in. I’ll give you a hint, we caught amphibians there.

If you’ve guessed frogs, then congratulations to your wicked guessing skills because we did.

Pre-activity thoughts: YES!

A second before the frogs were thrown: NO!

Action taken: Jumped right into it and caught four, or five of the misunderstood and strangely cute creatures.

At first touch I thought as though I might recoil because I was expecting to touch all things strange rolled into one little four-legged creature.

And strange I did find because contrary to what some characteristics say, these frogs were not at all slimy, instead their backs felt sort of rough, while their undersides were so soft and delicate that a little more force and life ends for them.

donald-duck-cosplay.jpgBut soon the frogs are caught and we head onto the next task which is transferring some ducks into the adjoining cage just so we could experience holding them. One of them even looked a lot like Donald Duck!

If that duck wore a costume, he’d probably looked like this (image source:

After that it was filling a drum of water by passing on a basin with water that was to be pumped out of a real water pump. Sadly, the other group got to fill the drum with more water so no win for us this time.

Then walking a little more, it was time for the rafting race. The two groups divided yet again in two so that the other mini-group could go into the other side of the river while the other mini-group stayed behind. Only three were allowed in the boat at a time so I paired with my friends Angel and Alex, and being the heavier one (sad) I told them that I was to be in the middle so the bamboo raft would be balanced.

Due to luck or good teammates, we win yet again!

After that, the last activity was milling wheat by hand. First the wheat was pounded by something that looked like a sort of paddle with cylindrical ends and afterwards, when the whites are out, they are then put in a bilao to separate the yellow coating and the white rice by letting the wind blow the yellows away.

Once we were done with all the activities, we had a question and answer portion with one of the farmers residing there and I learned a lot from what she said because she really did have a flair for public speaking, of course, besides the good questions my classmates threw at her.

Soon enough, we had a free time for swimming (which I did not do) and then it was time to go home again.

Because of punctuality, me and my friend Angel from the raft was able to catch the last vacant seats at the kuliglig (a sort of tractor)  and even though I was at the edge, that did not stop me from taking out my phone and clicking away as the road bid us goodbye.

We arrived home a little after 8 in the evening with my body aching but my face having but one expression we call joy.


Thank you so much for reading and I hope you had fun reading as I did from writing it. Lots of love! ❤




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