A Night Without the Stars

“I’ve loved the stars too fondly to be afraid of the night.” -Galileo

Last night, our school held its first ever stargazing. It was first spawned from what other schools had experienced, and so, being the secretary of the Eureka Science and Ecology Club in our school, we were the ones who were the best candidate to start this activity.

Sadly, it rained in the afternoon and when it was already dark, there were only five or six stars that I could see with my naked eye (assisted by some glasses of course). Stargazing, scratch that, I could call it more of audio-visual room gazing since that’s where we spent most of our time.

Luckily for me, I got to see the moon during our dinner time which was scheduled at 7:00 so while I waited for my food, I was just casually walking around the quadrangle when I saw that some people were falling in line to see through the telescope. Which is why I said luckily because not everyone was able to see how detailed and totally different the moon looks like from up so close.

              That’s the closest I could get for the moon I saw last night.

Far in the sky, we see the moon as a glowing, white object not knowing that beyond that face is another face.

Since I didn’t bring my phone with me, I was content enough with just looking through the telescope and seeing an image that was so pretty. A sight that Science could explain very well but also a sight that was very indescribable. A sight that could be for me: ethereal in solid colors.

The moon I saw there looked so bright and clear with a sort of orangey hint yet somehow, it didn’t look like it was really real because it was something that was very otherworldly after all.

After that, we had some lectures where surprisingly, even to me, I was very much alert and interested because I actually listened to the astronomer we invited over. Soon, it was time for the film showing and since I have never watched for Apollo 13 before, I struggled to keep awake since it was already 11:00 pm when it was shown and it lasted until 2:00 am, I think.


              When we were supposed to watch the film outside when we felt raindrops. 

Then it was finally time for a short rest so yes, we, I mean I and some of my classmates got to sleep for an hour from 2:40 to 3:40 since at 4:00, we had to assemble downstairs at our quadrangle. By 6:00, we were finally dismissed and from 9:00 am, (when my mother and I arrived home) I slept until 5 in the afternoon. And after taking a bath, I started writing this.

It wasn’t exactly the best overnight activity, and even though the stars hid, it still counted because of all the in-between with friends and teachers, with silent happiness and shared memories that filled the night.

Featured photo from: http://www.imagesbuddy.com/images/124/2014/01/if-people-sat-outside-and-looked-at-the-stars-each-night-nature-quote.jpg 

11 thoughts on “A Night Without the Stars

    1. Wow, that’s a really wonderful way to put things. I actually didn’t think of it that way. And thank you for the advice, I actually just looked at the stars last night. I can’t believe how much the stars seem so few at first sight but slowly become more visible after some time.

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