What Are Sunsets For?

As I wait again for home’s welcoming hands,
I look out the window and find the setting sun
slowly sinking in its fiery glory with a certain sound,
warm and red, hazy and yellow; illuminate the restless ocean

It was then that I wondered what sunsets were for,
it was then that I questioned why darkness had to come,
why eagles had to soar and lions do roar,
why sadness had to be felt when happiness was gone.

It took a while for me to learn,
but now I know the reason why
sometimes we crash and burn,
and sometimes we love and lie.

And that to feel how happiness blesses the soul,
we must know how sadness can bring us a tear.
That to rise gloriously with bells and tolls,
we first knelt on the ground, lost all we held dear.

But most of all, there will always be a sunset
Sunsets to remind us that for a new day to begin,
we must first say goodbye to today but do not forget.
For us to have a tomorrow, yesterday is a memory still living.



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