It’s Not About ‘Finding’ Your Dreams but ‘Realizing’ It From Deep Within

If you have read any sort of book about responding to your ‘destiny, calling, vocation’ or whatever term is used, it’s a good bet that you got inspired. And that’s a good thing.

But if you’re like me when I read Jeff Goin’s The Art of Work (great author by the way) then it might not be a question of when will I start but instead, what will I start?

True that I’ve always felt my calling as a writer, and even then I have already started writing this and that, even calling myself a writer, but even until now, let me tell you a secret: I’m still not sure if this is what I’m meant to do.

But I guess for the moment,this is what I want to do, and although I’m not certain, I have a huge feeling that this is really what I want to do.

Like what I had told you from the start, we will be walking the path together to go to that place where we need to be. Who knows how long that might take but all I have to say is that we’re together on this.

This is not the story of someone who has already conquered a mountain. This is only someone who has only started tying her shoelaces, even if she has already fought with herself a lot before anything even began.

And you, are with me. And I tell you, I have found the secret to finding what your vocation, destiny or calling is.

And “finding” is not even the term for it. Instead, it’s realizing.

How does one realize? By an epiphany or after much self-analyzing?

The answer? It could be both.

It could be while staring at a leaf and suddenly it explodes on you, or it might be a little trickier. It might land to you after a certain problem in your life.

About that last scenario, isn’t it just something that came naturally? Without realizing? You might ask, and I tell you that if we don’t think about the problem, do you think that realizing will come on its own too?

It’s very easy to know when you’ve found your vocation, even if it feels like you’re still unsure (the same way I am). And it could be measured in three angles.

1. It feels natural.

Yes, it might be something you’ve always done as a hobby or something you’ve only experienced one but felt just so natural it was surprising you have never done it before.

For me, when I realized (although still wary, but for you it might be different, and if it is, I envy you because that means you’re so much luckier, I won’t complain though) that writing is my vocation, it felt natural but a lot of shocking because why have I never thought of writing as my vocation before?

2. It makes you happy.

If you told me this about two days ago, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Sure, having written makes me happy. But what about that time before I have to write? That time where I convince my so stubborn self to go in front of my laptop and produce something.

But now that I have started to lighten up on myself by making myself relax and calm down when telling myself to write, I feel so much happier.

Even now, as I write, I’m extra happy to be sharing this wonderful discovery with you.

Just like with hobbies, because really, vocations just seem to be much more serious versions of hobbies, vocation is something you feel like you want to do (example is playing volleyball) and acting towards it (now you’re playing volleyball).

The extra effect? It’s long-term and beneficial to everyone (except if you want to be a Pain Olympics gold medalist, no offense though because if they’re happy, who are we to dictate? You know what? I shouldn’t probably have said that).

3. It’s something you love and feel passionate about.

It might be the result of having come from a problem or something that stirs the life inside of you.

Our vocations are something that we really want.

For a lot of us, it’s the reason we go to bed at night and wake up again to face a new day.

It’s something we look forward to doing. Not only does it make you happy, most importantly, it makes you feel fulfilled.

And when you’ve found fulfillment, the word “discontentment” will not be in your vocabulary.

Why? Because if we really want something and that something is meant for us, there is nothing more we could wish for (except, maybe a little more bacon?).

If it’s what we want, we won’t see money and fame as the prime reasons for doing that.

I have come from a hesitant start where I thought that fame and fortune would really be the end of my writing, but now, I know that that isn’t important at all.

When we do what we want, we see what is already there and do not yearn for what is missing. Hmm, maybe still that bacon?


Let me tell you first up that even though all of these will tell you more about who you are and what you want to do, this is not meant to encage you at what you feel might be your goal now will still be, say, twenty years from now.

After all, we change.

But, I have a strong feeling that even though it might not be exactly the same, somehow what you choose to do now will affect your choices later on.

Everything happens for a reason after all, even if we don’t understand that reason. Yet.

Using the Scientific method, it means that if our hypothesis isn’t right, then after our experiment, we could build a new hypothesis with a much larger chance of getting it right this time.

But if we are right, it’s not wasting time sarting early with what we love right?

Like what people have prophesied, it is so much better to put yourself out there, make mistakes and learn than never going out of the starting position.

I am on my way to the second shoelace. Yup, I still have a long way to go.

Will you come with me?

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