My First-Ever Blog Post: Heart Vs. Mind

First of all, please beware that this is the first ever blog post I have so do note that it will be quite far from perfect. Read at your own risk.

But I guess that’s alright because we all have to start somewhere to reach our destinations right?

I am about to spread my wings, and I hope that my only wish now is that if I may fall, I will never forget to take flight again.

If by some unknown reason you are still reading up to this point, I have warned you, which is also a way of saying thank you.

About some weeks ago, I started tweaking and customizing my website which you are, so thankfully reading.

During that time, I already had an idea for my first-ever blog post. One that is quite different from the idea I am writing now.

It was all about life and how I have come to realize so much about it, learn the importance of it.

From the first step, I was already so critical, already wanting every single thing to head in the way I have envisioned in my mind.

But then, just some minutes earlier, I helped my dearest brother set up his own blog.

If it weren’t for a lot of detouring like finding the theme he likes and tweaking the customizing tools, it really is more than possible to get a blog look the way one wants and then post right away. Maybe even less than 10 minutes.

I admire him because unlike me, he didn’t have that inner critic that drove people like me into perfection, sometimes it can be helpful, but most of the times, not so.

Oh he has his own judge, but not so brutal as mine is.

We were from the same blood but made of oh, so different thinking minds.

We didn’t have the same style but he went on with whatever theme he liked and I helped him to get started with the naming processes, customization, sidebars and all those fonts and stuff like that.

And then he went on to write his first blog post right on the spot calling it “First Update” and then having about seventy words for the post itself.

The post itself didn’t teach me anything new, just made us both laugh even though others might not find it funny, but his actions is where I picked up a lot.

Because of him, I learned that even though I thought I have loosened with this inner critic, it’s actually still there, always judging me and making me stand on tiptoes. It just went more secretive though.

But now, there’s no need for that because now I know that it’s our hearts we really need to listen to.

The only way one can ever be true to him or herself is by listening to his heart and not the judging mind.

The mind knows a lot yes, but it is the heart that understands. It is the heart that can connect to another soul.

Do not be afraid of what our hearts tell us.

They may propose the weirdest, out of the box ideas, but they are the ideas that make us most happy when carried out. We then feel most productive too.

Know that our minds are there to tell us to stop when we go too far, but when we let it go too far, it can trap you.

There’s a whole world within our fingertips if we only let ourselves reach for it.

And we can reach for it if we follow our hearts and listen to our minds as our guides.

The heart knows, the mind helps. Isn’t that best deal there is? And what makes it even sweeter is we already have both of those.

Already know what you want to do? Then do it.

See you next Thursday! Or sign up to get the new posts right at your inbox.





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